Best Business Card Templates

By | September 8, 2015

 Best Business Card Templates

Business card is an identity to your business. It shows your physical business address with contact information. So whenever a user wants to contact you, he follows the contact information on these card.

A good business card besides giving contact information presents an impressive presentation of your business. Thus it becomes an important means of business advertising. So having a good design is very important for establishing good relations with your clients.

In this article I will showcase you the list of best business card templates. These elegant cards are right ways for promoting and presenting business contact information.

Color Business Card – Premium Template

Color Business Card

Color business card is a PSD premium template. Size is 3.5″ X 2″. Ready to print with CMKY 300 Dpi. Adobe Photoshop CS4  is used. It is neat modern design. A white visiting card with a dash of color.  Ideal card for  artists, designers and creative studios.

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Creative Corporate Business Card – Premium Template

Creative Corporate Business Card

Creative Corporate Business Card is PSD premium template. If you are looking for a black visiting card with maximum impact. This card design can be selected. White color on black background is a standout feature. The design focus is geometry. I would say this is classic design. The template consists of layered file which are easily editable.

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Business Card Vol. 34 – Premium Template

Business Card Vol. 34 template

Business Card Vol. 34 is a landscape design PSD template. Size is 3 inches X 2.5 inches. 3 color combinations to choose from – Red & black, blue & black, green & black. The card is an interplay of three colors black, white and blue/red/green. The card design is suitable for those who love funky designs. Innovate and yet stylish. Easy to edit the layers using Adobe Photoshop. Print ready CMKY with 300 dpi.

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Vertical Business Card Template – Premium Template

Vertical Business Card Template

Vertical business card is a PSD format template. A unique and bold statement to highlight using this card design. Vibrant and look different from crowd  with this design.  Easy to customize as per your needs. CMKY color mode. 300 dpi print ready template.

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Polygonal – Premium Template

polygonal business card template

Polygonal is premium template. More suitable for organisations dealing with technology- hosting services, technology product sellers, web designs etc.  There are 4 color variations – blue, purple, green and orange. Techno look in a modern design.

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Freelance Business Card – Premium Template

Freelance business card template

PSD editable premium template. The ripple effect on the card gives a 3D look. Card template design is suitable creatives like freelance designers, artists, creative agencies, etc.  Size is 3.5 inches X 2 inches.

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Abstract Corporate Business Cards – Premium Template

abstract corporate business card

Abstract corporate business card is a PSD template. Easily editable. Like name the design is abstract like a modern art. Artists, painters, handicrafts professionals  are the right people to use this card for promoting their business. There are 4 color options – green, orange, red and blue. It also includes adobe illustrator graphic files. Print ready.

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Creative Business Card – Premium Template

creative business card template

PSD template ready to print. CMKY colors in 300dpi. A creative touch to a card design. Suitable for all types of corporates.Easy to edit and customize.

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Corporate Shape Business Card – Premium Template

corporate shape business card

This is a premium PSD template. A bold funky design. Vibrant with unique look. Innovative and creative professionals would love using this design. Ready to print. CMKY colors in 300dpi. Easy to edit and customize. You get 3 color options.

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