Best Jquery Image Zoom Plugins

By | September 6, 2015

Best jquery image zoom plugins

Jquery image zoom plugins create awesome zooming  effects. Visitors to your website are able to see the detailed look of your images. The effects created while hovering the image is great to look at. These jquery scripts are a necessity for designer, photography and art websites. Below is the list of best jquery image zoom plugins.

ImageZoom – Premium Plugin

jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

This image zoom plugin allows you to have zoom effect in 3 ways. Which are inner, standard and follow. The plugin is responsive.It has lot of flexible options. You can customize as per your needs.

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GlassCase – Premium Plugin

GlassCase jquery image zoom plugin

Glasscase is a responsive jQuery image zoom plugin. It is easy to set up and customize. Features include are one click to fullscreen, define zoom movement & transition, easy to position thumbnails etc. The plugin is available at codecanyon for $12.

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Etalage – Premium Plugin

etalage jquery image zoom plugin

Etalage is a premium jquery image zoom plugin. You can customize the plugin with various options. It’s features include are optional image zoom movements, add captions, automatic generation of small thumbnails etc.

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Zoome – Premium Template

zoome jquery image zoom plugin

Zoome is a image zoom plugin with hover effects.The hover effects are blur, transparent and grayscale. You have the option of zooming in and zooming out with mouse wheel. The plugin is responsive with flexible options.

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Pinch Zoomer – Premium Plugin

pinch zoomer jquery image zoom plugin

Pinch Zoomer is a jquery plugin that zooms the image by pinching and mouse scroll. The image is zoomed in the same image window. The plugin is compatible for desktop, mobiles and tablets.

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Optic Zoom – Premium Template

optic zoom jquery image zoom plugin

Optic zoom is a magnifier type zooming plugin. It is responsive. There are various magnifying options. The visitors of your website will surely find the zooming an attractive feature.

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NuvuZoom 2.0 – Premium Plugin

NuvuZoom 2.0 jquery image zoom plugin

Nuvuzoom allows you to zoom the image with in and out animation effect. The image zooms on hover. Simple yet impressive.

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JQuery Zoom Wizard – Premium Plugin

JQuery Zoom Wizard

Zoomwizard is a lightweight flexible plugin.There are 3 ways to zoom image using this plugin. Easy to customize.

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