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By | July 18, 2015

Bigrock is one of the leading website hosting company in India. It provides hosting of Linux and Windows servers at reasonable prices. Some say it is an inexpensive hosting company. The hosting is based on Indian as well as USA servers. Select the server as per your visitor for example if your visitor is Indian based then go for Indian servers.

bigrock coupon

It offers the following products:

  1. Register & transfer domains
  2. Provides 3 types of hosting: a) Shared hosting for both Linux and Windows users. b) Reseller hosting again for both Linux and Windows  resellers. c) Specialized hosting : It gives exclusive Ecommerce website, WordPress hosting, CMS for Joomla and Drupal.
  3. VPS and Dedicated servers
  4. Email hosting
  5. Get Digital certificates and SSL
  6. Site Locks and Code Guards
  7. Website design and Style

Before providing you the coupons, I would like to tell you the benefits of shared hosting at Bigrock which is ideal for hosting your WordPress blog or other CMS site. There are 4 plans to host – Starter, Advanced, Business & Pro. Starter Plan is suited for those who have fewer site visits and want to host 1 site only. Advanced plan is suited for those who want to host 1 website with unlimited traffic, unlimited space and emails. Business plans allows you to host 3 website and have unlimited space,traffic and emails. Pro plan suited for those hosting unlimited websites with unlimited space,traffic and emails. Presently I am hosting my websites at Bigrock using the Pro Plan.

The customer service is decent and prompt. You can reach them by phone, live chat and email. I once had my blogs deleted by mistake. I called the customer service and requested them to send me the backup. I was given the backup via link in email by them. It was a big relief.

Bigrock 20% Off Discount Coupon
bigrock discount coupon
The above is a screenshot when you apply the discount coupon code “ BRBGSAV ”  to the final billing. It gives you 20% discount.  Enter discount code BRBGSAV in coupon code window and click apply to avail the discount.

All Bigrock Coupon Codes

20% OFF on Web Hosting For all Types           Coupon >>    BRBGSAV  

20% OFF on Email  Hosting                              Coupon >>    BRBGSAV

10% OFF on SSL                                              Coupon >>    BRBGSAV

20% OFF on Do-It-Yourself Website Builder    Coupon  >>    BRBGSAV

10% OFF on Digital Certificates                        Coupon  >>    BRBGSAV

10% OFF on Build-It-For-Me  Website              Coupon  >>    BRBGSAV

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