BuzzBundle Review – Social Media Tool to Promote Traffic

By | August 3, 2015

Social media is a very important tool for website promotion. One gets direct traffic from social media. Likes and shares of social media also enhances the ranking of your articles on search engine. I have found a tool named  Buzzbundle. This tool that helps in promoting your blogs on social media. Today I am going to share buzzbundle review in this article.

buzzbundle review

What is BuzzBundle ?

Buzzbundle is a desktop tool that will derives traffic to your website from social media, blogs and forums. This tools helps you in locating where your target audience is by means of simple click. It is availaible for Windows, Mac Os X and Linux users

BuzzBundle is one place where you can monitor content from all social services. These services include blogs, forums, Q&A sites as well as social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+ etc. You get instant data from these services whenever you need it. Other things you can do is

  • You can post as well as schedule new messages to all social media from one place
  • Reply, send, tweet and post any message from a single click.
  • Create unlimited profiles and personas
  • It locates your targeted keyword from all sites and reply instantly.

Download Buzzbundle free trial to check it’s functionality. Below is the tutorial to tell you how to use this tool and generate lot of traffic for your website.

Buzzbundle Free Trial

How to start using BuzzBundle ?

1) Creating A New Campaign with your keywords

When you start Buzz Bundle, the first thing you will be asked to click an existing saved project  or start a new project. Since you are using for the first time click new project from top right hand navigation menu or from the center default display screen. Check the screenshot below , market with red color

Start a new project in buzzbundle

One clicking the new project you will get a display consisting of two windows in center. One has a heading add stream to find discussion  and other is connect a profile. For starting a campaign based on your keyword click add stream as show in the below screenshot.

Start a new campaign in buzzbundle

After clicking Add Stream(s) button, you will be asked to enter the keywords. You can enter multiple keywords with maximum limit is 10 keywords. Add one key word per line.

Add Keywords in buzzbundle

After clicking Ok, Buzzbundle searches the whole internet- Forums, Blogs, Q&A sites, Facebook, Google etc for your related keyword.

keyword results in buzzbundle

You can see from the image that the information collected by buzzbundle for whole internet in segregated in 4 blocks based on Blogs+ forums, Q&A sites, Social media sites( Facebook, Twitter, Google etc) and Video sharing Sites. The information shows where your selected keyword is used across the internet. It sounds easy with this software.

2) Creating Persona

Now you have got the information containing the keyword you want to target. To engage with this audience you need to have a persona . Persona is your identity to target this audience. With buzzword you can create unlimited personas.

For creating the persona click “Personas & Profile” tab on left vertical column. Then click “add persona ”  the top navigation menu. Now you need to enter the name and upload your image. Click next when done

Fill this form as this contains – username, password , email and email password. Click next

In this final step you need to enter birth date, gender, location, description & website. Click finish.

Now your account will show all your the created personas.

The next you need to do is link this personas with social media profiles. Click on “Streams” tab on left side column . Now click  ” connect profile” from the navigation menu.  Now you can add social media profile  like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc for the created persona. All the replies can be given using these profiles.

3) Interacting with target audience

Using the created profile you can start interacting with your audience. As you can see below buzzword has collected information regarding where your keyword is used across the internet. From blogs, forums ,Q& A Sites, social sites and video sites.

keyword results in buzzbundle

Now you can add comment / suggestion with your website URL. Buzzword automatically fills the logins to submit your comments. You can even schedule the comments to be submitted at later time. You can also send photo messages, tweets or retweets etc.

BuzzBundle is one place to automatically mange all your social media and other activity interaction. You can use endlessly use with one time fees which has a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. It is advisable to download the free version before you buy this software.

Buzzbundle Free Trial

To know more in detail as how to use this tool. Check below the video

Buzzbundle Free Trial

Do write your comments as to how was your experience in using this tool

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